New Dying Game "Momo"

An online game that spans WhatsApp Messenger. It has already been broadcast in Latin America. Although this has already been done in Asia, Africa and Europe, experts compare it to the discussion on the "blue whale". He said that horror can lead to fatal consequences. His name is Mammo. She is afraid to see. The skin is gone. Oh, smile in your eyes And the red and red eyes are spreading. In WhatsApp, his appearance has become famous around the world. What is it In doing so, you can sneak onto your computer screen and lure it to participate in the game. But if you do that, you will be deceived. The Latin American authorities have warned people not to give to others through this message of the game. As they say, this online game can take a lot of time. A police unit in Mexico that deals with crimes online: they say they started on Facebook, a group of people are invited to call a stranger. Although there was an alert. The Mexican police said: "Many users have stated that after sending messages to Mamoto, she would send violent images, many have received threatening messages or divulge personal information. Mamo is spreading all over the world: from France to France or from Argentina to Nepal In Spain, the police advised citizens to ignore these games. Spain, like Mexico, has taken an initiative to raise public awareness of Twitter and has taken steps to discourage people from participating in sports activities. The campaign is run with the hashtag Ignoren Nonsense, called "Do not add Mom to your contacts". But despite all the warnings, there is still confusion, what is Mamo? Where did he start? Where does this mother come from? There have been many questions about the spread of Mamo. The online platform says: One of the most legible publications is "What is my mom and who?" Redtit says, "I got a video about it and it scares me." The most popular answer was: "From a Spanish-speaking country, an Instagram user has created a WhatsApp account, people are getting a contact number and rumor has it that if you touch it, they will give you images and messages graphics. " Some people say they have access to all their personal information. " YouTube RainBoat has more than 500,000 subscribers and posted a video on July 11th. This video has seen more than 15 million people. But he does not even know who is the creator of this mom. I mean, he did not even know what he was doing to Mamo. Regarding the information, the WhatsApp game is related to the three phone numbers that contain the Japanese code, two with the Colombian code and another number containing the Mexican code. The photo was taken at an exhibition in Tokyo. Although it is very difficult to know where the game comes from in reality. But now, we know that the image is used to represent MOMOKE of Japan. The face of a bird in front of a frightened monster represents a bird of humanity. It was part of an exhibition at the Vanilla Gallery in Tokyo in 2016. Two years ago, Mamo was a special attraction at another exhibition two years ago. Many people have been photographed with mom and many of these images have been posted on Instagram. Now, the Mexican police say someone cut the Instagram page and cut it into a booth. Why is it dangerous? Mexican police say contacting a stranger is not a good idea. However, among the five reasons, Mom should be ignored for the reasons. 1. Personal information may be stolen 2. Violence, even in suicide, may attempt 3. Users can be harassed 4. Users may be victims of extortion 5. Users can experience emotional and physical damage, anxiety, depression, insomnia can be feared. New "blue whale"? Momo has already started comparing with many online games that Blue Whale has talked about. This is a global discussion of the cause of children and adolescents to attract them to suicide. Although Mamo only spreads through WhatsApp, it has become popular in Mine Craft online games for kids. Experts say that users should not follow these messages and that it should not be appropriate to connect with an unknown number. Source: B

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