Masud Rana movie budget of 50 crores

Masud Rana will be director of Hollywood, budget 50 crore;

Kazi Anwar Hossain's Masud Rana series is going to build Jazz Multimedia. Jazz to bring film from Hollywood to the international level

This is stated on the official page of the company.

Jazz says, "Our plan for Masud Rana is a little different. I plan to make Masud Rana a little larger. And with this Masud Rana, we are trying to enter the big market in the international market. Since the movie to enter the international market, so the movie Banabao international quality. '

It is known that the first episode was written by Dhashen Pahar, Nazim Ud Dowla. And it was translated into English to international standards to be sent to Hollywood. That's what Jazz came today.

Jazz's statement about the director, who will be Masood Rana, has made Amitav Reza and has made a great deal.

So first he offered to manage him. But he talked about making one minute TVC and not making a complete movie. But he wants to stay with Masood Runner. Inshallah is associated with Masood Rana.

Judge Bablul Aziz said, "Amitabh Bhai and I finalized a director of Hollywood. Who has created three movies with a science fiction and has some awards in his possession. He's a tugbug young

Masood Runner will be the cinematographer Pablo Diaz Who was a cinematographer of many famous Hollywood movies. Action Director being taken from Hollywood. The name Phil Tann, who was the Action Director of the film, such as Transformer, Pirates of the Caribbean. Technical Team Hollywood

Actor / actress - From the country where the actress / actress will take the character in the story. For example: Masud Rana, Rahat Khan, Sohana, Salil, Kabir Chowdhury - will be the artists of Bangladesh. Sultana - will anyone in India Sherden is an American mafia, so this artist will be taken from Hollywood, a familiar face, has already talked to 3 people (not being the name of reason). There will be a Chinese girl. MR9 (Masud Runar's sign name) Girl should be 3 people. A Bangladeshi, an Indian and a Chinese.

Gadget - Spy means new gazette, which nobody has ever seen before. What kind of new gazette will use Masud Rana?

A team working in Hollywood to find out. And if you have any ideas, please tell us.

Shooting will be 50 percent in Hollywood 40 percent of Bangladesh's Hill Districts And the remaining 10 percent will be in China, Thailand and Dubai. Ma Masud Rana will be shot in English and Bengali. English name: MR9, Bangla will be named as Masud Rana. Later, in other languages ​​dubbing or subtitles will be broadcast Abdul Aziz. The film's initial budget is 50 crore, he said.

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