Apple's release from the $ 2.34 million fine

University of Wisconsin-Madison University UU You will not be compensated, Apple has earlier ordered the fine of $ 23.40 million to compensate the university for patent use. Ei technology monster UU He will be able to appeal to the Supreme Court for appeal against the order. Related Stories Apple patent thief! The US Federal Circuit Court of Appeals said that Apple is a legal judge. Judges were not found guilty of patent infringement due to the evidence presented in the hearing in 2015, Reuters reports. The Wisconsin Alumni Research Foundation (WWF) filed the case against Apple in 2014. This was a patent infringement made in Apple's iPhone 5S, 6 and 6 Plus smartphones in 1998. These patents are described in ways that assume user orientation and improve user performance. The Supreme Court's Appeal Division President Sharon Prost said that the judiciary is not a patent infringement in this case. Although there was a request for comment on this issue, Apple and WARF received any feedback. Apple did not respond both. In 2010, the court ordered Apple to pay more than US $ 23.4 million for violating patent law. WARF claims $ 86 million fine. However, Apple said the sentence "deliberately" was not intentionally violated patent. In 2008, the US company filed a lawsuit against the same patent maker Warfare Chip. The case was resolved next year.

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