Google Allowing Third-Party Apps To Read Your Gmail

GOOGLE lets Google's third party applications read your Gmail gadget.

Google allows third party applications to read your Gmail

We all know very well that when the technical giant Google launched the latest Gmail update, it brought many important options to improve the use of this service. There were chances of sending confidential messages in the gifts of different novels. However, according to the latest report, the technical giant will allow Google third-party applications to navigate through Gmail.

Google third party applications can browse Gmail
In July, the information was revealed that Google allows external programmers to access Gmail messages and they generally know it without collecting information from users.

In response to a request for clarification, the company, of course, great technology Google now acknowledged this situation and has not disclosed additional information, showing its rules for this use.

The technical giant Google's position is not clear on the issue raised in July this year. While Google itself did not want to browse Gmail messages and get information from them, it was suspected that external programmers, all or part of this information were accessed when users did not have any idea.

Of course, after all, social network giant facebook problems with exchange of information, some questions of this question raised in the alphabetical language of the Parliament, which explains the explanation.

The answer came and the doubt was sure. The technical giant gives access to Google's programmer messages so they can get information and even share it with the third party.

Technology giant Google's statement Susan Malinari, State Affairs and Public Policy Google, where she came from the letter from the Vice President explaining how to appraise applications that have access to Gmail.

According to the technology giant Google, the automated process that evaluates Google's policy implementation in this application once released, and the agency also evaluates the reports of security researchers.

The very important point of the letter from Google is that access to this information will be created once only such a privacy policy describes the sharing of information with the third party and the current user's approval.

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